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With over two decades of Information Technology experience, Wilson Alvarez has always been on the forefront of the digital revolution.

His extensive computing background coupled with his social media know-how has led him to be a highly  successful Platform Builder for businesses in the Miami-Dade area.

In the early 90’s, Alvarez began his career in the technology field as a database developer. Over the years, he has successfully transitioned to related positions, each job building on the expertise and experience of the previous one. Alvarez has worked in hardware sales, web servicing, design work, and social media. Currently, he is a Platform Builder living and working in Miami, Florida.

As a Platform Builder, Alvarez helps companies achieve their sales and social media goals. With his comprehensive knowledge of tribal marketing, he helps businesses reach potential clients in a cost-effective manner through the strategic use of technology.

In essence, Alvarez helps businesses build their platforms by offering the following services:

  • Website Design & Development Work
  • Social Media Strategies & Outreach
  • Business Networking in the Miami-Dade area

Alvarez has developed 3 successful businesses that reflect his passion and talent for technology coupled with his social media savvy. His businesses are:

www.welcometomiami.com – A community portal used to connect businesses and consumers in the Miami-Dade area. Consumers can search for businesses and deals in their neighborhood via the website’s local business directory. Businesses have the opportunity to advertise on the site, as well as to obtain assistance in their social media efforts using Facebook, Twitter, etc.

www.305computers.com – A technology consulting firm located in Miami that services small to medium-size businesses 24/7 in the following areas: Hardware and Software Support & Maintenance, System Optimization, Virus Scanning & Removal, and Disaster Recovery & Training.

www.miamibusiness.com – A social networking site for forward-thinking business leaders in the Miami community. This is a collaborative venture where members meet on a weekly basis to interact, share knowledge, network, and discuss business opportunities. With members belonging to many different industries, business often develops out of these networking sessions.

For more information about how Wilson Alvarez can assist you in achieving your organizational or professional goals, contact him at 305.266.7883 or by email at info@wilsonalvarez.com.

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