Some professionals feel that business cards are outdated and a thing of the past due to technology today. But, many professionals have also found themselves in a position when they truly needed to provide an important potential client a business card and had the embarrassment of providing their email or web address verbally. Networking verbally is dangerous, especially since it is so easy for someone to forget the small details like a website or email address.

On the flip side of the situation, you may have tons of business cards sitting on your desk that you don’t remember how you even got them! This is where you can turn the situation around and use the business cards to your networking advantage!

The moment you collect a business card put it in a common place where you will remember to bring it into your office or home office. You should immediately send them an email introducing yourself and reminding the person of the conversation that lead to the exchange of business cards. You can also scan the business cards you have collected with a card scanner and categorize the cards by importing them into outlook or your favorite CRM.

Keep in mind that networking opportunities are around you at all times. Business cards are still an essential part of meeting potential clients or others in your field. The exchange of business cards is also an excellent way to refresh someone else’s mind. For example, you may give your business card to someone and weeks can go by without hearing from them, but then the person happens to find your business card and remember the incredible opportunity you offered for their business.

The same goes for your own situation. You surely have had moments when a business card pops up in your files out of nowhere, only to remind you of an opportunity or potential client you were really interested in pursuing. Networking is part of every business and should be handled with organization and immediate follow ups. Don’t get left in the dark by treating business cards as old news, they are still one of the best ways to interest and contact others.

Wilson Alvarez is a Technology Evangelist residing in Miami, Florida. With extensive experience in his field he educates his tribe (you) and enjoys taking his clients to the next level. Gallup says: Mr. Alvarez is an ActivatorFuturisticRelatorIdeation and a WOO!” If you are interested in taking your business to that next level via his Platform Builder may be the key to that path. You can also reach Wilson Alvarez at 888-945-7550.





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