Laptop in Bed

Laptop in Bed

Almost everyone who owns a laptop has spent countless hours cuddled up in bed browsing the internet and chatting with friends and family. It is a guilty pleasure that most enjoy. But did you know it could harm your computer and actually be dangerous? While most of you...

Laptop vs. Desktop

I personally have a macbook pro, where I close the lid and have two monitors, a keyboard and mouse. To me I am using a desktop, but I have the convenience of taking it with me if I need to. Some consumers enjoy the portability of a laptop. Knowing you can take your...


How often do you defragment your computer? If you have a MAC, your in luck, but if you are running a PC with any version of Windows, place close attention. Your PC or laptop should be defragmented at a minimum of once a week. This can be automated where it happens in...

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