Many people wonder what Dropbox is and what it can do for them. Dropbox is considered a home for all of your files, photos, videos and docs. Once you add something to the Dropbox it allows you to access it on all of your computers, tablets and phones. This means you...

Want a faster Network?

100 Base T vs 1Gb Switch? Want a faster network? While you are focusing on running your business at its optimum level, you may not be aware that your 100 Base T network switch can be slowing your productivity down. Every new client I acquire has a 100 Base T Switch....

WiFi Everywhere!

I have a dream:  a WiFi-accessible world.  I’d like to see WiFi available everywhere!  Ah, someday… Believe it or not, I’m one of those few guys who hates shopping :-). I do all of my window shopping online and make most of my purchases over the...

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