Several years ago I unknowingly purchased a domain that had illegal activity on it in prior years. I was in the process of being in serious trouble until I was able to look back in my records and find receipts. The fact that PayPal emailed receipts of my purchases to my inbox saved me from legal troubles related to the domain prior to me owning it.

This situation brought me to where I discovered the difference between texts and emails. While texts are easy to send, quick and convenient, they can also get deleted to save space or privacy issues. This means if one of your potential or longtime clients text you important information and it gets deleted, you have no way of retrieving the details. You will have to request the information from your client again. While this seems like no big deal to you, it actually makes you look bad with your client.

Let’s turn the situation around for a second. If you texted a business associate important information and they requested it again two weeks later, how would you feel? You may wonder, what they did with the information, or feel they must have thought it wasn’t that important in the first place for them to lose it so easily.

Let’s keep in mind texts are not totally useless when it comes to business. They are great for everyday things such as where to meet for lunch etc. However, more important details that you may need to refer to at a later date should be sent through email.

Imagine one day a business associate emails you and tells you a mandatory meeting is at a certain time on a specific day. You set your calendar and show up on time for the meeting. However, the associate is a no show. After contacting the associate again, you receive a text stating that was the wrong day and you made a mistake. Well, you can kindly forward the email and state it has been marked on your calendar for weeks. This is an excellent way to keep your reputation intact at all times.

If you have certain clients or business associates that are always late or a no show, and turn the blame on you, email can save you embarrassment since it is proof and confirmation of meeting dates. This type of situation also relates to receiving documents and follow up discussions related to it. Always keep in mind email should be your choice of communication when it comes to business.

Wilson Alvarez is a Technology Evangelist residing in Miami, Florida. With extensive experience in his field he educates his tribe (you) and enjoys taking his clients to the next level. Gallup says: Mr. Alvarez is an ActivatorFuturisticRelatorIdeation and a WOO!” If you are interested in taking your business to that next level via his Platform Builder may be the key to that path. You can also reach Wilson Alvarez at 888-945-7550.

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