Video blogging has become an essential part of marketing your business. Reaching out to your customers through video blogging allows them to become closer to you and helps to build a loyal relationship. You will be surprised that a few minute or less video can make such an impressive difference for your business. Don’t hesitate and get started today by following the essential steps to video blogging listed below.

  • Equipment – Digital cameras and cell phones are excellent tools to use for video blogging. Using good quality is important for a clear video. You don’t have to rush out and purchase the most expensive equipment, but you at least need a good device that has video and audio capabilities.
  • Lighting – Good lighting is essential for creating an impressive video for your blog. Try to use natural lighting as much as possible. Also, you will need to become familiar with key, fill and back lighting. Experimenting with lighting in different areas will help you create an awesome scene.
  • Editing – Try your best to record the video in one easy non-stop session. If the video is longer you will need to edit it to assure it includes all important aspects you wanted to reveal.
  • Content – This is a business blog so all information discussed on your video blogs should relate directly to your industry. Make sure you plan out your audio and visual strategy carefully before filming. It is highly important you have a clear idea of what your video is going to look like.
  • Topic – Always have a specific topic to address in your video blog. For example, If you own a law office that specializes in personal injury, discuss make each video address the different aspects of situations that can lead to a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Spread the Word – Your informative video will be part of your blog. But you should also take advantage of sharing it on various social media outlets such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and more.

Research has revealed that online consumers and audiences are more likely to watch videos and view pictures than read plain text. Use video blogging as your outlet to reach through and capture the attention of your consumers. You can provide important details, information, and specials with your audience in one quick video.

Video blogging is meant to enhance your blog not replace text. The combination will reach out to all types of consumers that like to either read or view their information. Get started today and find out how video blogging will enhance your blog and reach out to your audience.








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