You worked hard to create and develop your business, now you need to make sure it is branded. Many business owners get confused about branding but it is quite simple. The first thing you want to do is create a name for your business. This name will be used throughout all social media outlets, websites and all correspondence related to your business.

Some of you may already be confused, so let’s discuss it this way. Let’s use the popular retail store Macy’s as an example. Most people know the name Macy’s, there’s even a Thanksgiving Day parade named after it. Everything that Macy’s touches, represents or supports has the Macy’s name on it, this is their brand.

Now, let’s look at your business name. You will want to work the business name into everything your business deals with, just like Macy’s does. Some businesses have a variety of different components related to the main business. For example, “Macy’s” has a women’s, men’s, shoes and children department. These separate departments still work under the Macy’s brand. Your business may be a printing business that provides a variety of different services, but it should work under the same business name.

Social media is here to stay and is a large part of marketing today. Some of it is free and others you need to pay for. Some of the most popular social media outlets are Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. As a business, you will want to have a uniformed brand. For example, the username for all of Macy’s social media outlets is “Macy’s.” This is done intentionally so customers can find the store on every social outlet possible.

If Macy’s were to ditch the “brand” and focus on each individual department within the store it can become confusing for customers. For example, Macy’s would create a separate social media profile/account for each individual department. They would then have to update every single one separately. While most consumers know Macy’s offers great sales throughout the year, it would be difficult for customers to find them via social media. This would be due to the confusion of social updates rolled out through each department.

If customers can go to one social media outlet simply named “Macy’s” they can find all information related to every department within the store. This makes it quick and easy for customers as well as the company itself when it comes to posting new information. Branding your business and keeping it the same throughout everything your business is involved with help to keep your brand strong. 

Wilson Alvarez is a Technology Evangelist residing in Miami, Florida. With extensive experience in his field he educates his tribe (you) and enjoys taking his clients to the next level. Gallup says: Mr. Alvarez is an ActivatorFuturisticRelatorIdeation and a WOO!” If you are interested in taking your business to that next level via his Platform Builder may be the key to that path. You can also reach Wilson Alvarez at 888-945-7550.



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