Choosing a marketing strategy involves deciding on outlets that will bring the most exposure. Many companies make the mistake of stretching their marketing dollars through every strategy available without much return on their investment. Marketing involves segmentation, targeting, positioning and messaging.

  • Segmentation divides marketing into specific groups
  • Targeting involves choosing groups to communicate with
  • Positioning is how the brand or product will be perceived by groups
  • Messaging includes delivering communication directly aimed to influence target groups


The following groups are recommended:

  • Mastermind Group – Mastermind groups will allow you to learn a variety of different topics that will assist you with all aspects of life.
  • Group Pertaining to Your Profession – There are a variety of professional groups to place your focus. One is the legal industry. This is always a good choice because you will be able to refer legal clients to other attorneys.
  • Leads Group – These groups provide leads for you to grow your business. Some of these groups can be dreadful at times, but they are a great source to take advantage of.
  • Faith Based Business Groups – For example, there are Christian business groups you can look into. They provide business prayer groups and other beneficial outlets. Inquire within your church or religious facility for more information regarding your options.

Keep in mind, your marketing dollars need to go where it will benefit your business the best. Instead of sprinkling your dollars over too many options that bring in only a small amount of revenue. Focus on groups that can lead you to success. Spend more of your marketing dollars in groups that provide a wide range of exposure.

It is also highly important that you inquire with your church or faith based facility, such as the Christian chamber. You will be surprised to learn of the many opportunities and exposure that is awaiting you. It is also a source of comfort since you can be involved in business prayer meetings and associate with other business owners for support. In this changing economy business leaders and owners need to have all the support they can get. Having a strong sense of faith and a trustworthy group can help lift you to success!

Wilson Alvarez is a Technology Evangelist residing in Miami, Florida. With extensive experience in his field he educates his tribe (you) and enjoys taking his clients to the next level. Gallup says: Mr. Alvarez is an ActivatorFuturisticRelatorIdeation and a WOO!” If you are interested in taking your business to that next level via his Platform Builder may be the key to that path. You can also reach Wilson Alvarez at 888-945-7550.

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