Driver: Wilson Alvarez
Car Kit: Yokomo YR4
Speed Control: Tekin 420
Receiver: Tekin
Motor: Trinity Midnight
Gears: 48/74/27

This was my prototype. My invention! We managed to install 10L HPI Foam tires for that super grip all the way around! Special adapters were obviously needed. If your into circuit racing, this is your dream grip no spill suspension!! This car ran excellent around corners and straight away's as well. Only one problem. The body was not wide enough in the front and the tires were sticking out to much. Therefore, a small touch of the wall, and destruction city to the front end. There are other bodies out there that will be a solution to the problem. However, the car would not look right. (Im running 10 scale not 8 scale :-) The Porsche 930 almost fit right, but looked awkward (just like i spelled it). I will keep you updated with this!