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Our purpose originally started when this whole internet craze came about 1995. I offered several local hobby stores to advertise in the Internet! Well guess what? No one was interested. So I said, OK. I'll make my own RC page! I am a Computer Consultant in the South Florida area and was introduced to the great hobby of RC in August of 95. A friend of mine gave me a Kyosho Raider Pro. $250 later, after I fixed what was needed to make it half way descent, it still wasn't good enough! Shortly after, I purchased a 10LS along with a p35 Nissan body. I painted it in the usual Speed Racer theme. Slowly but surely, I started buying used cars from local people that gave up on the hobby. I now have 12 cars. And crazy enough, all those cars have a specific use. I have my 4wd HPI for circuit racing, My 10LS for Stock, YR-4 for my 4wd oval racing (I made that class up! LOL), An RC10 for the beach, Three other off-road cars, A Honda FWD Tamiya painted in custom pink for my wife! Etc. One for every occasion! (THIS IS A CRAZY HOBBY ISN'T IT!) Anyways, my original intensions for this RC Web Page was to consult RC enthusiasts all over the world. Guess what? It worked! I receive a minimum of 2 E-Mail's a day ranging from Novice questions to Expert (way over my head) questions. All of the "over my head" questions are transferred to our senior technicians! (Yes we have one of those!) Our friends gather up at the local track and have some serious racing! Very competitive racing. We look forward to every Saturday night to race. There are three local tracks in the Miami area. Unfortunately, they all race on the same day! Saturday must have a magnetism for RC! We are trying to work it out with the local track owners to spread out the days. This way we can have more RCing!!!


Remember, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know!
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