Driver: Wilson Alvarez
Car Kit: Yokomo YR-4
Speed Control: Tekin 420
Receiver: Tekin
Motor: Trinity 96 11 Triple

Can you tell I love Speed Racer? The white Porsche is a Yokomo YR-4 with a 2 speed transmission and special gas tires from OFNA. The rims are also from OFNA. If you are a die hard Speed Racer fan, you can tell that the rims are identical, including the knock offs. Pretty cool huh? I wished I took a picture of it earlier. The body is at least 6 months old, and is pretty banged up! If you've seen me racing this car at the Doral Track in Miami, you've probably seen me keeping up with the gas cars! BELIEVE IT!! You do have to see this vehicle's speed to believe it. Is this the true Mach 5?

The second picture is my HPI RS4! My Porsche Racer X body.