Name tags are often thought as of a thing in the past. However, this simply isn’t true. It is actually an essential marketing and social tool that can help you network with important people in your industry. Wearing a name tag and pins in public will attract attention and the right people towards you without even trying.

Where to Place Your Name Tag and Pins

The name tag should be worn above the pocket and under your right shoulder. This placement is essential to keeping your name tag front and center. The reasoning behind the placement is due to the fact that most people shake hands with their right hand. This action will immediately push your right shoulder forward and allow your name tag to easily shift into the perfect position to get noticed.

Business-related pins are often provided by the employer or earned throughout your career or time working for a specific company. Pins create a sense of prestige and trust within your industry. An onlooker will view someone wearing pins as an influential person in their specific field. Pins should be placed on your lapel or shirt under your left shoulder.

Where to Wear Your Name Tag and Pins                                                               

Most employees wear their name tag and pins during work hours only. This includes business events and social gatherings. You can even see people’s identity tags sitting in their car or hanging from their rear view mirror. If you do this, it might be a big mistake because you are missing out on an opportunity.

Let’s say you are a real estate agent that wears your name tag and pins during work hours, meetings and events. Once you leave your work location you immediately take off your tags and pins. Where do you go after work? Most people go to the grocery store, sports bar, and restaurants after work. These three places give you access to plenty of opportunities to meet new clients.

For example, let’s say you stop by the grocery store after work and you are wearing your tag and pins. You just run into the store to pick up a few things. You are standing in the 10 items or less line waiting your turn to check out. The person in front of you turns around and notices your name tag and pins. They start up a conversation because they are looking for a real estate agent to help them find their dream home. You give them your business card and a few days later they are a new client.

Just think that you would have missed out on this opportunity if you left your name tag and pins in the car. You most likely go many places that allow you to have access to plenty of people. Where are your favorite places to go? Can you vision attracting clients at your favorite hot spots? Give it a try today!

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