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The National Computer Security Association reports that over 63% of U.S. businesses have encountered viruses. Computer viruses are programs which corrupt files and they may spread, very much like human viruses do. New viruses are developed daily. One of the most prevalent viruses today is the Michelangelo Virus. It has been found in many computers all over the country.

This virus has received tremendous media exposure. Many of you may already of heard of it. It can be contracted by simply reading an infected floppy and once the virus is on the hard disk it will infect every floppy that is placed in the disk drive. Therefore, making this a highly contagious virus.

The virus activates itself on March 6, Michelangelo's birthday. It will cause all the hard disk data to be destroyed, by reformatting the disk.

Therefore, we highly recommend full systems backup to be performed before March 6. It is important to backup all data as well as your programs. We will be available to assist you in backing up your system, and removing the virus. Be sure to advise anyone whom you may have spread the virus to.

 If you have any questions at all concerning this virus or any other virus please do not hesitate to contact us. The damage which may be caused to your system could be staggering.